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Colorful Knitted Print


Nerdy and Inclusive Designs for Every Body and Everyone.

At Threads of Pride, my mission is to provide high quality clothing and other products that are inclusive to ALL persons. My clothing is unisex and I have a standard measurement chart for all of my clothing.  

In addition to clothing, I make cloth diapers, masks and other decorative crafts for nerds and gamers. 

Some of my items are still labeled under my previous business name: Friendship and Fandoms. Don't be alarmed, it is the same quality and sizing as I currently use, but the business had a different name while I was working with a partner and focusing on fandom specific products. 

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Roll for initiative 

Welcome to Threads of Pride.

My name is Cyn, I use he/him pronouns and I am the owner and creator here.

I have been creating art in various forms since I was very young. I channel my creativity through many artistic outlets, including sewing, crafting, music, woodworking and painting.  I enjoy creating clothing and gifts that represent the diverse community of nerdy and queer people like myself.  I enjoy making clothing for all body types and sizes, using fabrics that are high quality and fun.  I also create gaming accessories like dice bags, trays, and dice.  I am always trying out new products, so check back for new products!

When I am not creating nerdy things, I enjoy spending time with my people, singing, playing ukulele, gaming and reading.  

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